Satisfy Your Deepest Cravings

Visit us in Andes, NY for all-day breakfast and lunch

Are you the type of person who likes to eat a sandwich for breakfast? Do you prefer quiche for lunch? Dragonfly 55 Coffee Bistro has got your eating habits covered. We offer all-day breakfast and lunch so that you can order your meal favorites whenever you're craving them most.

Visit us in Andes, NY to try our:

  • Buttery pain au chocolat
  • Hearty bacon and eggs
  • Mouthwatering pastrami sandwich

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Dig into some freshly prepared dishes

Whether you're grabbing lunch during the workday or getting breakfast with your family, you'll be pleased by the selection at Dragonfly 55 Coffee Bistro in Andes, NY. Our all-day breakfast selection is a favorite among everyone who stops by. You never have to worry about arriving too late for the bacon, eggs and waffles you want. We've got the breakfast you love available all day long.

The organic ingredients we use taste best when they're fresh. That's why everything we serve is made to order. You can be sure that we're preparing everything right then and there to ensure freshness.

Stop by today to try our lunch or all-day breakfast. You'll be glad you did.